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WASDA has had great success in the Australian Speedcar Championship with the top prize heading West on 14 occasions! Backed up with 12 second's and 16 thirds.
The Title has been held in WA 9 times.
Below is a list of all the WASDA drivers to acheive podium results in Australian Championships.
Season Champion Runner Up Runner Up Track
2022/2023 Brady Bacon Kaiden Manders Eastern Creek Speedway
2018/2019 Dayne Kingshott Adam Clarke Jason McDougal Perth Motorplex
2017/2018 Kaidon Brown Dayne Kingshott Alex Bright Murrary Bridge Speedway
2012/2013 Neville Lance Daryl Clayden Casey Shuman Perth Motorplex
2008/2009 Keven Swindell Brad Kuhn Neville Lance Murray Bridge Speedway
2007/2008 Davey Ray Scott Glazebrook Rick Geneve Perth Motorplex
2006/2007 Jerry Coons Jnr Mark Brown Dene McAllan Toowoomba
2004/2005 Steven Graham Michael Pickens Dene McAllan Perth Motorplex
2001/2002* Adam Clarke Darren Jenkins Joe Little Speedway City
2001/2002 Mike Figliomeni Michael Kendall Shayne Alach Archerfield Speedway
1999/2000 Mike Figliomeni Michael Kendall Shayne Alach Western Auto Raceway, Bacchus Marsh
1998/1999 Bob Holt Dave Lambert Toby Gibb Northline Speedway
1996/1997 Craig Brady Troy Jenkins Joe Little Newcastle Motordrome
1995/1996 Mike Figliomeni Warrenne Ekins Joe Little Claremont Speedway
1994/1995 Mike Figliomeni Warrenne Ekins Neville Lance Charlton Raceway, Toowoomba
1993/1994 Warrenne Ekins Neville Lance Rod Bowen Parramatta City Raceway
1992/1993 Warrenne Ekins Mike Figliomeni Neville Lance Bendigo Raceway
1991/1992 Phil Herreen Tom Watson Jnr Greg Farrugia Speedway Park
1990/1991 Warrenne Ekins Graham Jones Tom Watson Jnr Claremont Speedway
1989/1990 Warrenne Ekins Neville Lance Phil Herreen Northline Speedway
1988/1989 Graham Jones Paul Lindberg Ray Bishop Rockhampton Speedway
1986/1987 Tom Watson Sr Gary Dillon John Sears Claremont Speedway
1983/1984 Keith Mann Rex Hodgson Danny Davidson Northline Speedway
1982/1983 Geoff Pilgrim Ian Lewis Ronald Mackay Archerfield Speedway
1981/1982 Keith Mann Peter Curtis Terry Wigzell Avalon Raceway
1980/1981 Keith Mann Steve Stewart Terry Wigzell Speedway Park
1979/1980 Barry Pinchbeck Johnny Fenton Barry Graham Two or three tracks
1978/1979 Ron Wanless Howard Revell Bill Sutherland Claremont Speedway
1976/1977 George Tatnell Ronald Mackay Johnny Fenton Three or Four tracks
1975/1976 Johnny Fenton George Tatnell Ronald Mackay Liverpool City Raceway
1974/1975 Johnny Fenton Ronald Mackay Greg Anderson Rowley Park Speedway
1973/1974 George Tatnell Brian Dillon Johnny Fenton Redline Raceway
1972/1973 George Tatnell Col Henning Johnny Fenton Series
1971/1972 Ronald Mackay Charlie West Johnny Fenton Series
1970/1971 Ronald Mackay Johnny Fenton Ron Wanless Series