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The world class Perth Motorplex was opened in 2000 following the closure of the famous Claremont Speedway. This purpose built Speedway Complex is based in Kwinana Beach and is the main home of Speedway Racing in Western Australia. Having just completed its fourteenth season of competition, the ‘Plex as it is affectionately known has always been a great supporter of WASDA.

The track championship takes place over approximately 10 nights of racing from October to April the following year. It includes races such as the Magic Man 34, the Christmas Cup and the New Years Speedcar Derby. This season saw the Speedcars compete in eleven nights of action at the world class venue. The points are generally structured in two ways.

  1. There are three races on the night, with each race worth 100 points to win, second place getting 99, third place 98 and so on. A DNF gains 79 points, as does a DNS if the car is in the pits and hits the track at least once that night. The first two grids are random and then inverted with the third grid being highest points to the front. The winner of the night is the highest on overall points. Highest points possible are 300 and if a driver does not finish all three races they will still walk away with 237 points.

  2. The cars compete in heat races before an all important feature. The winner of the feature gets 300 points and it goes down in three point increments. For a DNF of the feature or a DNS (Assuming you have competed in at least one event on the night) a driver gets 237points.

Season Winner Runner-Up 3rd
2022/2023 Kaiden Manders Beau Doyle Dan Golding
2021/2022 Tom Payet Kaiden Manders Beau Doyle
2020/2021 Tom Payet Alfonso Guadagnino Dan Golding
2019/2020 Dan Golding Rob Golding Kaiden Manders
2018/2019 Rob Golding Glen Mears Beau Doyle
2017/2018 Glen Mears Neville Lance Keenan Fleming
2016/2017 Keenan Fleming Alfonso Guadagnino Travis White
2015/2016 Kaiden Manders Ryan Condren Jason Tremeer
2014/2015 Alfonso Guadagnino Scott Glazebrook Phillip Tremeer
2013/2014 Scott Glazebrook Lee Redmond Rob Golding
2012/2013 Scott Glazebrook Neville Lance Glen Mears
2011/2012 Scott Glazebrook Alfonso Guadagnino Neville Lance
2010/2011 Scott Glazebrook Rick Geneve Todd Waddell
2009/2010 Neville Lance Rick Geneve Dayne Kingshott
2008/2009 Scott Glazebrook Tammy Telenta Rick Geneve
2007/2008 Todd Waddell Tom Watson Snr Neville Lance
2006/2007 Scott Glazebrook Tom Watson Snr Jimmy Fleming
2005/2006 Scott Glazebrook Jimmy Fleming Tom Watson Snr
2004/2005 Scott Glazebrook Neville Lance Bart Curnow
2003/2004 Scott Glazebrook Neville Lance Tom Watson Snr
2002/2003 Tom Watson Snr Steven Doyle Vaughan Manders
2001/2002 Joe Little Tom Watson Phil Moore