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Beginning in 1988 and previouslly called the "Wild West Series", WASDA began running a series in Regional WA visting tracks such as Bunbury, Collie, Esperance, Geraldton, Kalgoorlie, Manjimup, Margaret River, Moor and Narrogin to name a few.

At the begining of the 2014/15 season, the Committee relaunched the country series as the "Speedcar Grand Prix Series", with the aim of taking Speedcar racing to the next level. This series follows the same format as the highly successful national Speedcar Pro Series run by Speedway Australia.

Season Champion Runner Up 3rd
2021/2022 Keenan Fleming Beau Doyle Dan Golding
2020/2021 Tom Payet Vaughan Manders Cory Smith
2017/2018 Dayne Kingshott Travis White Glen Mears
2015/2016 Kaiden Manders Nick Rowe Todd Waddell
2014/2015 Kaiden Manders Todd Waddell Alfonso Guadagnino
2013/2014 Dayne Kingshott Scott Glazebrook Lee Redmond
2012/2013 Scott Glazebrook Glen Mears Dayne Kingshott
2011/2012 Scott Glazebrook Bryn Lake Glen Mears
2010/2011 Todd Waddell Scott Glazebrook Alfonso Guadagnino
2009/2010 Dayne Kingshott Scott Glazebrook Rick Geneve
2008/2009 Scott Glazebrook Rick Geneve Glen Mears
2007/2008 Neville Lance Tom Watson Snr Dean Beagley
2006/2007 Tom Watson Snr Neville Lance Dale Alfirevich
2005/2006 Scott Glazebrook Bart Curnow & Vaughan Manders
2004/2005 Scott Glazebrook Steven Doyle Bart Curnow
2003/2004 Scott Glazebrook Neville Lance Joe Little
2002/2003 Scott Glazebrook Dean Beagley Dene McAllan
2001/2002 Mark Glazebrook Scott Glazebrook Dean Beagley
2000/2001 Michael Figliomeni Joe Little Mark Glazebrook
1999/2000 Mark Glazebrook Michael Butler Wayne Cover
1998/1999 Wayne Cover Scott Glazebrook Nathan Ellement
1997/1998 Wayne Cover Mark De Rosa Joe Little
1996/1997 Toby Gibb Mick Goode Ian Watts
1995/1996 Joe Little Keith Giles Tony Tucknott
1994/1995 Tony Tucknott Shane Marden Terry Burnett
1993/1994 Wayne Cover Vince Chapman Ian Watts
1992/1993 Michael Figliomeni Tom Watson Jnr Vince Chapman
1991/1992 Keith Giles Michael Figliomeni Vince Chapman
1990/1991 Neville Lance Michael Figliomeni Tom Watson Jnr
1989/1990 Neville Lance Michael Figliomeni Graham Jones
1988/1989 Michael Figliomeni Ian Watts Kim Ledger