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Laurie Matthews was tragically killed in a road accident while on his way to the National Title in 1988. In saluting his memory a special 30 lap feature race named the "Laurie Matthews 30 Lap Memorial Speedcar Classic" was run the following season.

The event became an annual one in Laurie's honour, and the race is one of the hardest fought of all Speedcar races of the season. The 30 laps represents the 30 years Laurie graced the world famous Claremont Speedway track; his tragic death in that freak accident left a gap in local ranks that will never be filled.

Season Winner
2019/2020 Tom Payet
2018/2019 Dayne Kingshott
2017/2018 Dayne Kingshott
2016/2017 Neville Lance
2015/2016 Kaiden Manders
2014/2015 Dayne Kingshott
2013/2014 Dayne Kingshott
2012/2013 Dayne Kingshott
2011/2012 Dayne Kingshott
2010/2011 Todd Waddell
2009/2010 Dene McAllan
2008/2009 Dene McAllan
2007/2008 Todd Waddell
2006/2007 Neville Lance
2005/2006 Jamie Oldfield
2004/2005 Neville Lance
2003/2004 Scott Glazebrook
2002/2003 Neville Lance
2001/2002 Michael Figliomeni
2000/2001 Warrene Ekins (NT)
1999/2000 Michael Figliomeni
1998/1999 Neville Lance
1997/1998 Wayne Cover
1996/1997 Graham Jones
1995/1996 Joe Little
1994/1995 Tom Watson Snr
1993/1994 Michael Figliomeni
1992/1993 Neville Lance
1991/1992 Wayne Cover
1990/1991 Warrene Ekins (NT)
1989/1990 Neville Lance
1988/1989 Graham Jones