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Driver overview

Tyson Bryden

Date of Birth


Car Details
Car Number 44
Chassis Spike
Engine Esslinger BB7
Team Name Tyson Bryden Motorsports
Car Owner Tyson Bryden
Crew Chief Brendon
Crew Brendon Bryden
Major Sponsor Bee NRG, Selcouth, Perth Tree Service
Other Sponsors Racin Tyres & Accesories, Racin Suspension, Genesis Shocks, Willetton Exhaust
Driver Details
Favourite Track Bunbury
Career Highlight Various Podiums in all divisions raced
Racing Idol Brooke Tatnell
Divisions Raced Wingless Sprintcars, Late Models, Aidka Dirt Karts
First Speedcar Race 2020 season
Best Thing about Speedcars Lightweight, powerful and manouverable
Worst Thing about Speedcars Nothing
Event Most Want to Win Australian Title - Cliche
Something We Dont Know About You Favourite food is 2 minute noodles
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