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Fleming Back on Top!

Author: DTN Media
Saturday, November 24 2018
Perth Motorplex
Results / Post Race

After weeks and weeks of mechanical gremlins, frustrating results and hard work behind the scenes, Keenan Fleming has finally bounced back into form and taken the feature race win tonight in the Kwinana Cup at the Perth Motorplex.

With the handicapping format in play, the front row of the feature was shared by Dave Perry and Fleming, so when the flag flew those two fought hard for the lead, quickly joined by the returning Dene McAllan in his immaculately presented #47 machine.

All three drivers would take a turn at the point of the field, the lead changing with almost every corner as they looked for the advantage on each other lap after lap.

McAllan eventually found a slight gap on the other two, but the top three were away from the rest of the field. Within seconds the gap was gone again though, and again they were close, fighting three wide for the lead on multiple occasions.

Behind them a whole pack of seven other cars were also fighting hard, Travis White the man to break through and set out after the lead three

Meanwhile back up front Fleming had managed to use the highline to get around both Perry and McAllan to take the lead, while Perry slotted into second. Again McAllan slid past Perry to retake second and the battle continued, all the while White and now also Alfonso Guadagnino, were closing the gap on the front runners.

With eight laps complete the field finally settled into a rhythm, Fleming leading McAllan and Perry.

White and Guadagnino were then joined by Glen Mears and again there were three cars battling for position.

Back up front Fleming was now building a gap on the rest of the field, even working his way through lapped traffic with ease to lead by over two second with six laps to go of the twenty lap feature event.

Mears then managed to get by both White and Guadganino for fourth, and the order remained unchanged from here, Fleming going on to claim his third feature win at the Motorplex.

Fleming also claimed a dominant win in the Indian File event earlier in the night while heat wins went the way of Rob Golding and McAllan.

Courtesy of tonight’s results, Travis White leads the Perth Motorplex Track Championship by just four points over Mears, with four more points back to third placed Guadagnino.

Now that tonight’s event is out of the way, all eyes will turn to the the John Day Speedcar Classic to be held at the Perth Motorplex on Saturday the 8th of December.

This event is set to be huge so stay tuned for all the latest details in coming weeks and make sure that you get your backside trackside as it will certainly be one event not to miss!

Release by DTN Media.
Pictures Courtesy Bruce Russell.

Official Results

Heat One, 8 laps: 1. 15 Rob Golding, 2. 10 Dave Perry, 3. 75 Steve Doyle, 4. 19 Steven Henderson, 5. 51 Beau Doyle, 6. 97 Gary Mann (7). DNS: 17 Dan Golding. Total Time: 2.18.015. Winning Margin: 3.660. Fastest Lap: 17.066 Rob Golding.

Heat Two, 8 laps: 1. 26 Keenan Fleming, 2. 38 Travis White, 3. 16 Alfonso Guadagnino, 4. 9 Vaughan Manders, 5. 23 Glen Mears. DQ: 47 Dene McAllan. Total Time: 2.19.006. Winning Margin: 0.162. Fastest Lap: 16.964 Keenan Fleming.

Indian File, 10 laps: 1. 26 Keenan Fleming, 2. 16 Alfonso Guadagnino, 3. 19 Steven Henderson, 4. 38 Travis White, 5. 23 Glen Mears, 6. 17 Dan Golding, 7. 75 Steve Doyle, 8. 10 Dave Perry, 9. 51 Beau Doyle (9), 10. 97 Gary Mann (9). DNF: 9 Vaughan Manders (9), 15 Rob Golding (8). DQ: 47 Dene McAllan. Total Time: 2.51.867. Winning Margin: 7.486. Fastest Lap: 16.927 Keenan Fleming.

Feature, 20 laps: 1. 26 Keenan Fleming, 2. 10 Dave Perry, 3. 23 Glen Mears, 4. 38 Travis White, 5. 16 Alfonso Guadagnino, 6. 15 Rob Golding, 7. 19 Steven Henderson (19), 8. 75 Steve Doyle (19), 9. 51 Beau Doyle (19). DNF: 17 Dan Golding (9), 97 Gary Mann (1). DNS: 9 Vaughan Manders. DQ: 47 Dene McAllan. Total Time: 5.49.614. Winning Margin: 3.739. Fastest Lap: 17.171 Keenan Fleming.