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Author: DTN Media
Track: Perth Motorplex
Release Type: Results / Post Race

Crackers’ Luck Changes!

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Keenan ‘Crackers’ Fleming luck has finally changed and after a season of mechanical dramas, he has bounced back to grab the win in tonight’s Silver Cup event at the Perth Motorplex.

Doubling as the retro night, Fleming also donned the old racesuit of crew member and mentor Wayne Cover which appears to have brought him luck as he raced to a heat win prior to grabbing the fifteen lap feature event.

The field was slightly depleted at the start with current Track Championship leader Glen Mears hurting a motor and failing to start the feature, while Phil Jeffrey also pulled infield before he could face the starter.

As the race went green Dave Perry was the first to strike trouble, going high and hitting the turn one wall but able to keep going.

Up front it was Beau Doyle and Gary Mann who fought hard for the lead, Doyle leading the first circulation until Fleming made his way through and grabbed the lead on the second time past the line.

Rob Golding then made his presence felt, ducking by to grab the lead, but Fleming got back past him and would lead the third lap.

Behind them Scott Glazebrook and Alfonso Guadagnino were making ground, moving into third and fourth place respectively, with Guadagnino then passing Glazebrook in turn two to grab third, closely followed by Dan Golding who also made the pass.

Back up front and Golding and Fleming were exchanging the lead in almost every corner, while Guadagnino took advantage of the battle ahead of him to close the gap.

Rob Golding had a half lose with a couple of laps to go but didn’t lose any positions, with Dan Golding then passing Guadagnino at around the same time to move into third.

From here the order remained unchanged, Fleming going on to claim his fourth Motorplex career victory ahead of the impressive Rob and Dan Golding.

The next event for the Speedcars will be in a fortnights time for the Grand Final event of the season, back at the Motorplex on the 13th of April.

Release by DTN Media. Pictures Courtesy Aidan Skraha.

Official Results

Heat One, 8 laps: 1. 26 Keenan Fleming, 2. 15 Rob Golding, 3. 16 Alfonso Guadagnino, 4. 17 Dan Golding, 5. 3 Scott Glazebrook, 6. 10 David Perry, 7. 19 Steven Henderson, 8. 51 Beau Doyle, 9. 97 Gary Mann. DNF: 23 Glen Mears (5), 37 Phil Jeffrey (0). Total Time: 2.18.020. Winning Margin: 0.225. Fastest Lap: 16.658 Keenan Fleming.

Indian File, 8 laps: 1. 15 Rob Golding, 2. 26 Keenan Fleming, 3. 17 Dan Golding, 4. 3 Scott Glazebrook, 5. 16 Alfonso Guadagnino, 6. 10 David Perry, 7. 19 Steven Henderson, 8. 51 Beau Doyle, 9. 97 Gary Mann. DNF: 37 Phil Jeffrey. DNS: 23 Glen Mears. Total Time: 2.19.853. Winning Margin: 5.718. Fastest Lap: 16.918 Rob Golding.

Feature, 15 laps: 1. 26 Keenan Fleming, 2. 15 Rob Golding, 3. 17 Dan Golding, 4. 16 Alfonso Guadagnino, 5. 3 Scott Glazebrook, 6. 10 David Perry, 7. 51 Beau Doyle, 8. 19 Steven Henderson, 9. 97 Gary Mann (14). DNS: 23 Glen Mears, 37 Phil Jeffrey. Total Time: 4.35.381. Winning Margin: 4.251. Fastest Lap: 17.921 Keenan Fleming.