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Author: DTN Media
Track: Perth Motorplex
Release Type: Results / Post Race

White Wins the Finale! Golding takes the Championship!

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Travis White has tonight won the final feature of the season in spectacular fashion, while Rob Golding has taken out the Pool Shop Group Perth Motorplex Speedcar Track Championship on a countback in what was an exciting night of thrills and spills.

The night started with a multi car rollover in the opening heat, Dayne Kingshott and Beau Doyle making contact and both rolling, while Alfonso Guadagnino also rolled while trying to avoid the incident.

Lee Redmond (2), David Perry and Rob Golding shared the four heat wins, while Keenan Fleming also went upside down in a big way in heat three while leading with just one lap to go.

Courtesy of the heat race results, there would be a twelve car field taking the green in the twenty lap feature, with Kingshott and Fleming unable to make the call after their roll overs while Vaughan Manders and Phil Jeffrey suffered mechanical woes.

As the race went green it was David Perry who grabbed the lead, being pursued by Lee Redmond and Rob Golding.

Perry was doing a great job up front but behind him Redmond was closing, making a move on lap five in turn three. Perry fought back and would lead as the duo crossed the stripe but Redmond fought back again, retaking the lead and this time he would hold it.

Behind the leading duo New Zealand champion Michael Pickens and Dan Golding were making their way through, sitting in third and fourth respectively.

All of a sudden the make up of the race changed as Lee Redmond spun while leading, coming to a stop against the turn two fence and seeing the field bunch up for a restart with eleven laps remaining.

Perry would lead away the field, with Pickens right behind him, but it was a short-lived green flag as Dan Golding, Scott Glazebrook and Steven Henderson all came to a stop together in turn two. Golding and Glazebrook would not rejoin the field.

The next restart saw Perry lead away but it was all Pickens as he raced past Perry and grabbed the lead on lap ten. Travis White was next on the scene and despite Perry fighting hard on the lowline, White was able to use the highline to take over the second place position.

Interestingly at this same point, Rob Golding was just one position ahead of Track Championship points leader Glen Mears, meaning should the race have stopped at this point, Mears would win by just two points.

In the meantime the race continued on, with Pickens pulling away from White and Alfonso Guadagnino and Lee Redmond, the latter two fighting it out tooth and nail. All of a sudden with two and a half laps to go the race changed again, Pickens pulled infield, seeing White take over the running at the point of the field, with Guadagnino now second and Redmond in third.

From here the order remained unchanged in the top three, while Rob Golding made his way into fourth ahead of Perry in a move that would go on to secure him the Track Championship.

Mears, Gary Mann, Steven Henderson and Beau Doyle would round out the finishers of the race.

Courtesy of the nights results Golding and Mears were tied on points for the Track Championship, Golding being given the nod on a countback to tonight’s results. Beau Doyle would round out an incredible rookie season to come home third overall.

This brings the season to a close, so stay tuned for all the details on the annual WASDA presentation night.

In the meantime, a huge thankyou to all competitors, their crews and families, all officials and track staff that have worked together to make this season such a success and we look forward to next year being even bigger and better!

Release by DTN Media. Pictures Courtesy Aidan Skraha.

Official Results

Heat One, 8 laps: 1. 52 Lee Redmond, 2. 12 Glen Mears, 3. 97 Gary Mann. DNF: 19 Steven Henderson (0), 16 Alfonso Guadagnino (0), 51 Beau Doyle (0), A1 Dayne Kingshott (0). DNS: 37 Phil Jeffrey. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.826. Fastest Lap: 16.403 Lee Redmond.

Heat Two, 8 laps: 1. 10 David Perry, 2. 15 Rob Golding, 3. 38 Travis White, 4. 26 Keenan Fleming, 5. NZ4 Michael Pickens, 6. 3 Scott GLazebrook, 7. 17 Dan Golding, 8. 9 Vaughan Manders. Total Time: 2.15.351. Winning Margin: 0.869. Fastest Lap: 16.585 Keenan Fleming.

Heat Three, 8 laps: 1. 15 Rob Golding, 2. NZ4 Michael Pickens, 3. 16 Alfonso Guadagnino, 4. 12 Glen Mears, 5. 51 Beau Doyle. DNF: 26 Keenan Fleming (7). DNS: 17 Dan Golding, 19 Steven Henderson. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: Not Available. Fastest Lap: 16.310 Keenan Fleming.

Heat Four, 8 laps: 1. 52 Lee Redmond, 2. 10 Davud Perry, 3. 38 Travis White, 4. 3 Scott Glazebrook, 5. 9 Vaughan Manders, 6. 97 Gary Mann. DNS: A1 Dayne Kingshott, 37 Phil Jeffrey. Total Time: 2.13.465. Winning Margin: 1.505. Fastest Lap: 16.404 Lee Redmond.

Feature, 20 laps: 1. 38 Travis White, 2. 16 Alfonso Guadagnino, 3. 52 Lee Redmond, 4. 15 Rob Golding, 5. 10 David Perry, 6. 12 Glen Mears, 7. 97 Gary Mann, 8. 19 Steven Henderson, 9. 51 Beau Doyle. DNF: NZ4 Michael Pickens (17), 3 Scott Glazebrook (9), 17 Dan Golding (9). DNS: A1 Dayne Kingshott, 9 Vaughan Manders, 26 Keenan Fleming, 37 Phil Jeffrey. Total TImeL No Time. Winning Margin: 0.889. Fastest Lap: 16.667 Michael Pickens.