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Author: DTN Media
Track: Perth Motorplex
Release Type: Results / Post Race


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For the second time in his career, Daniel Golding has kick started his season in the best possible fashion, going on to record the win in the Perth Motorplex season opening Powerpalooza event!

A good fifteen car field would start the night, though a number of competitors would strike teething problems early, names like Alfonso Guadagnino, Aron Sharp, Cory Smith and the two Watson boys Patrick and Joel, unable to start the feature race.

Golding would make the most of the demise of his fellow competitors, claiming both heat race wins to start on pole position for the feature, alongside Tom Payet and ahead of youngsters Cody Nash and Beau Doyle.

As the race went green, Golding lead away from Payet and Beau Doyle, the race looking to be shot to bits early until Payet had a half lose coming out of turn two on lap two, leaving Golding well ahead and seeing Payet drop back through the field.

Cody Nash and Beau Doyle would move their way into the final podium positions at this point, with Keenan Fleming and Glen Mears following them.

As the laps wound down Nash began closing the gap on Golding, drawing right onto his tail with nine laps complete and six laps remaining.

Behind them Fleming had done the same to Doyle, able to then slide him for third on lap nine and take the position.

Back up front, Golding seemed to find a little extra speed as soon as he realised Nash was there, Nash unable to keep closing the gap.

Fleming meanwhile began to pull away from Doyle, while Payet, who had fought back from his earlier mishap, was now right behind Doyle, eventually taking fourth with two laps remaining.

At the point of the field though it was all Golding, racing away from Nash in the dying stages to record another season opening win and the Grand Slam night, defeating Nash and Fleming.

Payet would recover to finish fourth while Doyle would complete the top five. Glen Mears, Lee Austen, rookie Jake Robinson and Gary Mann would round out the finishers.

The next show for the wild and wingless Speedcars will be back at the Perth Motorplex on the 11th of November.

Release by DTN Media.

Pics Courtesy Richard Hathaway Photography and Cochrane Photography.


Heat One, 8 laps: 1. Daniel Golding, 2. Tom Payet, 3. Alfonso Guadagnino, 4. Cody Nash, 5. Beau Doyle, 6. Joel Watson, 7. Keenan Fleming, 8. Cory Smith, 9. Glen Mears, 10. Lee Austen, 11. Jake Robinson, 12. Gary Mann. DNF: Aron Sharp (5). DNS: Nicholas Rowe, Patrick Watson. Total Time: 2.12.151. Winning Margin: 2.706. Fastest Lap: 16.141 Daniel Golding.

Heat Two, 8 laps: 1. Daniel Golding, 2. Glen Mears, 3. Beau Doyle, 4. Cody Nash, 5. Tom Payet, 6. Lee Austen, 7. Jake Robinson, 8. Aron Sharp, 9. Gary Mann. DNF: Keenan Fleming (6), Alfonso Guadagnino (6), Nicholas Rowe (5), Joel Watson (3). DNS: Patrick Watson, Cory Smith. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.381. Fastest Lap: 16.481 Keenan Fleming.

Feature, 15 laps: 1. Daniel Golding, 2. Cody Nash, 3. Keenan Fleming, 4. Tom Payet, 5. Beau Doyle, 6. Glen Mears, 7. Lee Austen, 8. Jake Robinson (14), 9. Gary Mann (14). DNF: Nicholas Rowe (0). DNS: Alfonso Guadagnino, Aron Sharp, Joel Watson, Patrick Watson, Cory Smith. Total Time: 4.13.282. Winning Margin: 1.251. Fastest Lap: 16.336 Cody Nash.

Daniel Golding wins Powerpalooza!