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Author: DTN
Track: Perth Motorplex
Release Type: Results / Post Race


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History was made tonight at the Perth Motorplex in so many ways for the fifth annual Neville Lance Twin 14’s, but in the end, it was all about Kaiden Manders!

As the night’s results developed, Kaiden Manders became the second driver to win both of the Neville Lance feature races in one night, he broke Tom Payet’s streak of winning at least one of the Lance tribute features at each event held so far and Cody Nash continued his amazing podium streak, with four from four Speedcar events, amongst so much other history!

In the opening feature, the lineup was a complete invert of the night’s points so far (points coming from qualifying where Kaiden Manders was fastest in group one and Vaughan Manders was fastest in group two, and the opening heat which was won by Kaiden).

This meant the front row was shared by Joel Watson and Lee Austen, with Austen leading through opening turn with the two team Watson machines of Patrick and Joel right behind him.

Keenan Fleming was first to make a move, battling with them before it all came undone, Austen having a half lose and seeing a pile of cars bumper car through and resulting in Aron Sharp tipping over down the bottom of turn two.

Payet was running third but pulled infield on the restart, while up front Cody Nash had grabbed the lead as Manders raced into second, but by this point Nash had built up a huge gap.

By the halfway distance, Manders had closed the distance to well under a second and continued chasing Nash down.

Patrick Watson was now half a lap back in third while Manders used the entire track, going high and low as he looked to get past Nash.

A lapped car momentarily saw Nash hit the brakes and that was all Manders needed, racing around him to claim the lead and even though Nash tried hard to fight back, it was all for nought as Manders grabbed the feature win, Nash grabbing his third second place finish in the three career shows in Speedcars he has contested.

Feature two saw the traditional high points to the front, with Kaiden Manders sharing the front row with Glen Mears, ten cars to take the green flag.

Mears would get the jump, using the outside line to break away from Manders, but it was Tom Payet, coming from position four who caught them both napping, diving underneath them down the back straight and into turn three to lead the first lap.

Manders got by Mears and set out after Payet, while behind them Nash made his presence felt once again, passing Mears for third, with Patrick Watson quickly following him through.

With four complete Manders slid Payet in turn two, but Payet shot right back by, Manders then doing the same again in three and four to take the lead on lap five by 0.086 seconds.

Manders then began stretching his legs, Payet, Nash and Watson spread out behind him while further back Alfonso Guadagnino had passed Mears for fifth, the duo followed closely by Joel Watson as Aron Sharp and Cory Smith rounded out the runners.

Even lapped traffic in the final few circulations wouldn’t slow Manders down, going on to make it two from two features, crossing the line ahead of Payet and Nash.

It was an epic night to honour one of the Speedcar legends, so a huge congratulations to all competitors.

The next show for Speedcars will be down at Albany Speedway on this coming Saturday, for the Asphalt Recyclers Australia Southwest Speedcar Championships!

Release by DTN Media.

Pics Courtesy Richard Hathaway Photography.


Qualifying, 2 laps: 1. Vaughan Manders 18.736, 2. Tom Payet 19.015, 3. Keenan Fleming 19.034, 4. Patrick Watson 19.215, 5. Cody Nash 19.603, 6. Aron Sharp 19.835, 7. Kaiden Manders 20.219, 8. Gary Mann 20.591, 9. Glen Mears 20.603, 10. Cory Smith 20.814, 11. Jake Robinson 20.884, 12. Alfonso Guadagnino 21.142, 13. Joel Watson 21.413, 14. Lee Austen NTT.

Heat One, 8 laps: 1. Kaiden Manders, 2. Vaughan Manders, 3. Tom Payet, 4. Glen Mears, 5. Cody Nash, 6. Lee Austen, 7. Alfonso Guadagnino, 8. Cory Smith, 9. Aron Sharp, 10. Jake Robinson, 11. Gary Mann. DNF: Keenan Fleming (5). DNS: Joel Watson, Patrick Watson. Total Time: 4.23.556. Winning Margin: 1.669. Fastest Lap: 16.284 Kaiden Manders.

Feature 1, 14 laps: 1. Kaiden Manders, 2. Cody Nash, 3. Patrick Watson, 4. Glen Mears, 5. Joel Watson, 6. Alfonso Guadagnino (13), 7. Jake Robinson (13). DNF: Cory Smith (10), Gary Mann (4), Tom Payet (3), Keenan Fleming (1), Aron Sharp (1), Vaughan Manders (1), Lee Austen (1). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 1.068. Fastest Lap: 16.106 Kaiden Manders.

Feature 2, 14 laps: 1. Kaiden Manders, 2. Tom Payet, 3. Cody Nash, 4. Patrick Watson, 5. Alfonso Guadagnino, 6. Joel Watson, 7. Aron Sharp, 8. Glen Mears, 9. Cory Smith (13). DNF: Keenan Fleming (4). DNS: Jake Robinson, Lee Austen, Vaughan Manders, Gary Mann. Total Time: 3.48.165. Winning Margin: 2.543. Fastest Lap: 16.089 Kaiden Manders.

Podium Placegetters (left to right): 2nd Tom Payet, 1st Kaiden Manders with Neville Lance, 3rd Cody Nash