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Fleming Wins the Derby!

Author: DTN Media
Sunday, January 15 2017
Perth Motorplex
Results / Post Race
For the second time in as many years a rookie driver has raced their way to victory in the annual New Year Speedcar Derby at the Perth Motorplex.
Keenan ‘Crackers’ Fleming, the son of long time Speedcar competitor Jimmy, tonight stunned the rest of his competition to show maturity beyond his years and race to the first feature race victory of his fledgling career.
It would be fellow rookie driver Jai Dillon who would lead the pack into the first corner as the feature race went green, but defending Derby winner Chris Griffiths was the first to make some big moves as he raced his way into second place by turn two then grabbed the lead off Dillon as they went through turns three and four for the first time.
Dillon would stay high and Fleming low as the duo battled for second place while behind them Dan Golding and Ryan Condren were also fighting it out. Condren found a gap and attempted to split the middle on all three drivers, but ended up touching Dillon ever so slightly and spinning his machine in turn four with three laps complete.
The restart saw Golding go under Dillon for second, but Dillon quickly fought back and rode Golding’s wheel in the process, lucky to keep going. Meanwhile Condren was fired up as he came from the rear, racing around the rest of the field on the outside, pulling up behind Golding in third then grabbing the position on lap five.
While all the other cars ran low, Condren stuck on the high line and drew level with Griffiths and Fleming, going around the outside of them both to grab the second from Fleming on lap seven and the lead from Griffiths on lap eight. Griffiths fought back underneath shortly after, the two almost touching but Condren was able to hold on.
Fleming also continued to pile the pressure on Griffiths as he looked for a way through, the duo of Griffiths and Fleming continuing to battle on the low line while Condren remained high, Griffiths sneaking back to lead lap eleven by just 0.026 seconds.
Again the two nearly touched but Griffiths held the lead and then a quarter of a lap later Condren went just a smidgen too high and touched the wall, allowing Fleming to also duck underneath him for second while Golding would also move into third.
One lap later and the battle would continue to rage as Fleming then made his move on Griffiths, moving underneath him to grab the lead on lap fourteen. Shortly after, Condren would retire from the race while Fleming continued to hold his line, not allowing Griffiths any space to make a pass unless he moved to the outside.
With much of the general public willing him on, Crackers maintained his composure and went on to record an epic first feature race win in front of an appreciative crowd, crossing the line 0.607 seconds ahead of Griffiths and Golding.
Earlier in the night Ryan Condren won the two heat races, which had some great moments including the opening race which saw Condren steal the win from Dillon in the last corner and then again in the second when he went outside Alfonso Guadagnino in the closing stages.
Courtesy of his feature win, Fleming now also leads the Perth Motorplex Track Championship by eight points over Jai Dillon and Chris Griffiths.
The Speedcars are slated to return to the track once again next weekend, with the next round of the Speedcar Grand Prix Series at Moora Speedway on Saturday night. Further details to follow.
Release by DTN Media.
Official Results
Heat One – 10 laps: 1. Ryan Condren, 2. Jai Dillon, 3. Travis White, 4. Alfonso Guadagnino, 5. Chris Griffiths, 6. Neville Lance, 7. Dan Golding, 8. Keenan Fleming. DNS: W15 Rob Golding. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.287. Fastest Lap: 17.201 Travis White.
Heat Two – 10 laps: 1. Ryan Condren, 2.Alfonso Guadagnino, 3. Dan Golding, 4. Jai Dillon, 5. Neville Lance, 6. Chris Griffiths, 7. Travis White, 8. Keenan Fleming. DNS: Rob Golding. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.465. Fastest Lap: 16.990 Ryan Condren.
Feature – 20 laps: 1. Keenan Fleming, 2. Chris Griffiths, 3.Dan Golding, 4. Travis White, 5. Jai Dillon, 6. Neville Lance. DNF: Ryan Condren (15). DNS: Alfonso Guadagnino, Rob Golding. Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.607. Fastest Lap: 18.228 Chris Griffiths.