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Fleming Makes it Two!

Author: DTN Media
Saturday, January 28 2017
Perth Motorplex
Results / Post Race
Keenan Fleming has tonight made it two wins from two starts at the Perth Motorplex as he raced his way to another feature win in fine fashion.
The rookie driver, who this time just over a fortnight ago had never even won a feature race, has now added a second win to his resume in what was another great drive.
As the twelve lap feature race went green, Fleming jumped out to the lead immediately, with Travis White in hot pursuit. Behind him Alfonso Guadagnino and Dan Golding were also trying to make their presence felt.
Fleming increased his lead as the laps ticked by, but with about four laps to go White began to close the gap, getting to within 0.297 seconds of Fleming.
This spurred ‘Crackers’ on even more and he pulled away on the next circulation to be ahead by 0.7 seconds, then again to 1.3 seconds with one to go.
In the end though, Fleming maintained his advantage, grabbing the win from White and Guadagnino.
Earlier in the night the opening heat saw Chris Telents starting from fifth, using the low line to his advantage and racing into the lead by the end of the first lap. Although he would lead the first eight circulations, mechanical issues forced him infield with two laps to go, seeing Travis White inherit the lead and go on to take the win.
The second heat was a hard one to describe, with Telenta again getting a jump, but spinning in turn two, leaving Steven Henderson nowhere to go but into the side of him. Telenta would be unable to return to the track for the rest of the evening, while Henderson was able to restart but would later miss the call for the feature.
Dan Golding would lead away the resumption of the second heat race, but as the laps wound down, first Alfonso Guadagnino slowed with a flat tyre, then Chris Griffiths slowed, allowing Golding and White to pull away, Fleming was in third with what appeared to be an ailing car while Steven Henderson’s car was also a handful to drive after the earlier incident, but somehow he continued circulating in what was one of the most interesting races with twists and turns seen in a while.
Courtesy of tonight’s results Keenan Fleming has extended his lead in the Perth Motorplex Track Championship, while Dan Golding has moved into second overall.
Speedcars in WA will now have a break, with the Australian Title scheduled for next weekend and a number of the WASDA cars set to appear. We wish all our competitors the very best of luck.
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Photo Courtesy ASteel Racing.
Official Results
Heat One – 10 laps: 1. W38 Travis White, 2. W6 Alfonso Guadagnino, 3.W40 Chris Griffiths, 4. W26 Keenan Fleming, 5. W19 Steven Henderson. DNF: W17 Dan Golding (9), W12 Chris Telenta (9). Total Time: 3.00.624. Winning Margin: 2.696. Fastest Lap: 17.533 Chris Telenta.
Heat Two – 10 laps: 1.W17 Dan Golding, 2. W38 Travis White, 3. W26 Keenan Fleming, 4. W19 Steven Henderson, 5. W40 Chris Griffiths (9), 6. W6 Alfonso Guadagnino (9). DNF: W12 Chris Telenta (0). Total Time: 3.09.233. Winning Margin: 1.133. Fastest Lap: 18.691 Dan Golding.
Feature – 12 laps: 1. W26 Keenan Fleming, 2. W38 Travis White, 3. W6 Alfonso Guadagnino, 4. W17 Dan Golding. DNS: W12 Chris Telenta, W19 Steven Henderson, W40 Chris Griffith. Total Time: 3.45.778. Winning Margin: 1.049. Fastest Lap: 18.380 W26 Keenan Fleming.