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Dayne’s Dominance!

Author: DTN Media
Saturday, March 18 2017
Perth Motorplex
Results / Post Race
Dayne Kingshott has tonight claimed his third WA State Title in emphatic fashion as he won three races from three starts, the last being the all-important 25 lap Championship final.
Although the skies were threatening throughout the night, the rains held off and ‘The Great Dayne’ made the most of the conditions, racing to two fine heat wins to start the feature from pole position alongside Glen Mears as the second high points man.

As the race went green Kingshott was immediately into the lead while New South Welshman Darren Jenkins, driving the Graham Jones Racing #4 machine, attempted to advance from his second row starting position underneath Mears.

Unfortunately for Jenkins he had to back out, allowing Mears to move into clearly into second while Jenkins quickly had to fight off the advances of Travis White.
White quickly made his mark and moved into third past Jenkins, but up front it was all Kingshott as he began to break away from the rest of the field.

Lapped traffic was encountered for the first time on lap twelve, but Dayne just simply powered around the outside and continued along his merry way. He was so far ahead that by lap twenty, with five laps remaining, Kingshott was nearly eight seconds ahead of second placed Mears.

By now, Todd Waddell had caught up with the third place battlers of White and Jenkins and shortly after Jenkins and then Waddell moved past White before he headed infield on lap twenty one.
All this was null and void to Dayne though as he crossed the line first in the non-stop feature, just over one second off of his own twenty five lap track record he set in 2014.
This is Dayne’s third WA Title crown.

Glen Mears held on for a fine second place, well ahead of third placed Darren Jenkins, while Neville Lance raced through the field to finish in fourth place.

The only real incident of the night was in heat one, when Lee Redmond’s car suddenly slowed. This left Rob Golding nowhere to go but into the back of him, with Kingshott also getting involved. Luckily Kingshott rejoined the field for the restart while the other two cars were able to restart in the next heat. Steven Henderson would be the only car unable to start the feature event.
The Speedcars now have a huge week ahead of them as they get themselves ready for the Laurie Matthews event next weekend at QUIT Collie Speedway, so stay tuned for all the details throughout the week!
Release by DTN Media.

Photos courtesy Perth Motorplex Facebook Page.

Official Results
Heat One- 10 laps: 1. W24 Dayne Kingshott, 2. W4 Darren Jenkins, 3. W6 Alfonso Guadagnino, 4. W7 Todd Waddell, 5. W12 Chris Telenta, 6. W23 Glen Mears, 7. W38 Travis White, 8. W19 Steven Henderson. DNF: W26 Keenan Fleming (8), W14 Neville Lance (7), W15 Rob Golding (1), W52 Lee Redmond (1). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 3.564. Fastest Lap: 15.835 W24 Dayne Kingshott.

Heat Two – 10 laps: 1. W24 Dayne Kingshott, 2. W23 Glen Mears, 3. W38 Travis White, 4. W52 Lee Redmond, 5. W14 Neville Lance, 6. W7 Todd Waddell, 7. W15 Rob Golding, 8. W4 Darren Jenkins, 9. W6 Alfonso Guadagnino, 10. W26 Keenan Fleming, 11. Chris Telenta. DNF: W19 Steven Henderson (1). Total Time: 2.42.556. Winning Margin: 3.656. Fastest Lap: 15.972 W24 Dayne Kingshott.

Feature – 25 laps: 1. W24 Dayne Kingshott, 2. W23 Glen Mears, 3. W4 Darren Jenkins, 4. W14 Neville Lance, 5. W7 Todd Waddell, 6. W6 Alfonso Guadagnino, 7. W12 Chris Telenta, 8. W15 Rob Golding. DNF: W38 Travis White (21), W52 Lee Redmond (16), W26 Keenan Fleming (20). DNS: W19 Steven Henderson. Total Time: 6.53.236. Winning Margin: 10.019. Fastest Lap: 16.246 W24 Dayne Kingshott.