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Kingshott Wins Season Finale!

Author: DTN Media
Saturday, April 01 2017
Perth Motorplex
Results / Post Race
Dayne Kingshott has once again shown why he is one of the strongest local talents in West Australian speedway as he claimed the Gold Cup Grand Finale feature race at the Perth Motorplex last night.

Despite starting from the rear of the field, Kingshott was able to race through and grab the lead early on in the fifteen lap feature and from here was never headed.

The feature race got off to a rough start as Neville Lance rode the wheel of Keenan Fleming and rolled heavily into the turn one wall before bouncing back down the track. Lance emerged shaken but unhurt, his race over before it really began.

Attempt two at a start saw Rob Golding into the lead early followed by Steven Henderson and Glen Mears. ‘Hendo’ went high and looked for a way past Golding, but it was Mears who made the most of his track position to race through into second.

It was at this point that the ‘Great Dayne’ flexed his muscles, in one foul swoop diving underneath both Mears and Henderson, then shifting high on the track to pass Golding for the lead.
As Kingshott raced away into the distance, the battle was on for the minors with Todd Waddell moving past Mears for third and sitting on Golding’s tail, looking for a way through.

Henderson spun infield on lap ten as the second and final retiree of the race, but up front it made no difference as Kingshott opened up a huge lead on Waddell, who had by now past Golding for second and built up his own big lead on third placed Golding.

With Kingshott and Waddell home and hosed in the front two positions it was a battle for third as Golding led Mears and Alfonso Guadagnino in an intense battle. The three cars moved all around each other as they battled for supremacy, but it was Golding who got home by a nose ahead of Mears and Guadagnino. Unfortunately for Mears he was later relegated, elevating Guadagnino into the fourth finishing position.

Despite his fortunate finish though, Guadagnino didn’t quite have enough points to overtake Keenan Fleming in the overall Perth Motorplex Track Championship score. A seventh place finish in the final feature was enough to score Fleming the Championship win by sixty five points in his rookie season over Guadagnino, while Travis White was third overall.

Earlier in the night Neville Lance scored the opening heat win in what was a chaotic race. Keenan Fleming lost a left rear tyre on the main straight and headed infield early, but at the same time Chris Telenta spun and Guadagnino had nowhere to go but into him, Alfie rolling over and Telenta losing a rear wheel and going up in a plume of smoke. All drivers were unhurt, Telenta out for the night and Guadagnino able to enact repairs on his #6 machine in time for the next race. Kingshott would then go on to claim the Indian File race.

That brings the WA Speedcars season to a close, with the awards night now scheduled for the 20th of May. There will be a season review posted later in the week, so stay tuned for all those details, but in the meantime thankyou to each and every person, whether it be driver, crew, track official or fan, for all their support in season 2016/17.

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Official Results
Heat One – 10 laps: 1. W14 Neville Lance, 2. W24 Dayne Kingshott, 3. W7 Todd Waddell, 4. W38 Travis White, 5. W17 Rob Golding, 6. W19 Steven Henderson. DNF: W12 Chris Telenta (6), W23 Glen Mears (6), W6 Alfonso Guadagnino (6), W26 Keenan Fleming (6), W35 Jack Alfirevich (2). Total Time: No Time. Winning Margin: 0.800. Fastest Lap: 17.170 W24 Dayne Kingshott.

Indian File – 10 laps: 1. Dayne Kingshott, 2. Todd Waddell, 3. Travis White, 4. Glen Mears, 5. Neville Lance, 6. Rob Golding, 7. Steven Henderson, 8. Keenan Fleming, 9. Alfonso Guadagnino. DNS: W12 Chris Telenta, W35 Jack Alfirevich. Total Time: Declared. Winning Margin: Not Available. Fastest Lap: 16.400 Dayne Kingshott.

Feature – 15 laps: 1. Dayne Kingshott, 2. Todd Waddell, 3. Rob Golding, 4. Alfonso Guadagnino, 5. Travis White, 6. Glen Mears, 7. Keenan Fleming. DNF: Steven Henderson (10), Neville Lance (1). DNS: Chris Telenta, Jack Alfirevich. Total Time: 4.33.002. Winning Margin: 7.832. Fastest Lap: 17.728 Dayne Kingshott.

Pics Courtesy Peter Roebuck.